Twenty Travelogues 1997 - 2020

by Dawn Kramer (Click here to see her Video Work) and Stephen Buck

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Next Trip

When It Safe to Travel, Stephen Wants to Go to Paris.

Most Recent Trips

San Francisco/Oaxaca, then the Beach in Mexico-February 5 to March 21, 2020 Second Year in Oaxaca

We took a trip to Oaxaca with a stop on the way in California to see family much like last year. We stayed in Oaxaca for a month and then went to Brisas de Zicatela for three weeks, but we had to return ten days early because the coronavirus threw a monkey wrench into our plans. We flew back on Dawn's birthday and then self quarantined for fourteen days.

Corsica/Paris, October 3 to 31, 2019 First Trip to Corsica, Then on to Paris

The first plan was to stay a month in Paris, but Dawn got nervous about too many trips to the same places, so I changed the first two weeks to Corsica. We visited Corbara, Corte, Ajaccio, Sari-Solenzara, Bonifacio and Sartene. Then we flew to Paris and stayed in the eleventh.

Oaxaca, Mexico - February through March, 2019 First Time in Oaxaca

We took a trip to Oaxaca with a stop in California to see family. We stayed in four different places and did get to the beach. We met a lot of interesting people. We returned on April 1 and hoped that Spring would be just around the corner.

Guadeloupe Jan-Mar, 2018 Three Times a Charm

We were in Guadeloupe again this year, January 14 until March 5, 2018. We stayed in four different places for a week each and then three weeks at Gite Mangoplaya with its captivating sunsets.

Past Trips

Our First Trip in 1997 A Trip in Three Parts

Costa Rica, Italy, Prague and France. January through June, 1997. We were both in our fifties and self-unemployed. Dawn was a modern dance choreographer and I was a theatrical lighting designer. We took six months off in response to the death of my parents and our own need to re-evaluate our lives. We took the laptop and emailed our friends as we went along.

Return Trip to France in 1999 Return to Paradise

Dawn's son got married, and we celebrated with our own trip. We went back to Le Lot and then wended our way back to Paris looking at old Romanesque churches and the Cathedrals at Bourges and Chartres as we went. We celbrated Bastille Day in Paris and then flew home.

Return Trip to France in 2002 Escape to France

We needed a short getaway and we took it. We went south again through Sancerre where we investigated that beautiful wine. Met three wonderful French couples. Returning to Paris on the Autoroute we met Malek and watched Olivier teach a class.

Puerto Rico trip A Retreat in 2004

A yoga trip to deal with the death of Dawn's mom.

Return trip to France in 2004 A Month in the Country

A week visiting friends, a week in the Cathares country in Frances near the Pyrenees, two weeks hiking inn to inn in the Vaucluse west of Avignon.

A week in Paris 2005 A Place in the Fifth

A one week trip to Paris in March, 2005.

Skiing in the Alps 2006 Ski Trip

We flew over on New Year's Eve and back on Friday the 13th for the cheapest fare imaginable. We took an overnight sleeper from Paris to Briançon. Cross-country skied next to fifteenth centuary churches.

Brittany Slide Show 2007

Wandered around Brittany looking for good weather and having fun. Made a slide show rather than write.

Kyoto 2010

We went to Kyoto and made three silent video/movement poems and met some wonderful people.
This Page is a WORK IN PROGRESS.

Bogliasco 2010

We stopped off in Lucca before starting the residency. After that, we returned to Rome during Christmas week
This Page is being constructed now.

Dawn's Sabbatical 2012

Made site-specific performance videos in Ireland, France and Sicily. Then went to Florence, Berlin and Dublin

July in Southern France 2013

Visited Bordeaux, the Pyrenees and spent a week with Adam's family in the Dordogne near Bergerac.

Here or There? 2014-2015 A Nine Month Trip

We did a trip to California to stay with famiy for three months, then two months in Guanajuato, Mexico and another month visiting Mexico city and a small fishing village in the Yucatan. Then we lived in three different apartments in Paris. where we started using Airbnb when we lost our housing last minute. Up until now, all our trips have been about going away and then coming back.  This time we are going to attempt to take our "here"with us and be home in another place.

Avoiding Winter  2016 A Four Month Trip

We started the afternoon of New Year's Eve by flying to Guadeloupe. After a month, we passed through Paris for a week on our way to Morocco. A week in Marrakech, two in Essaouira and one in Casablanca. After that, six weeks in Provence in two different towns, Le Paradou and Goult, and we took the IDTGV to Paris for the two weeks, except that Dawn spent that last week in California. This trip was designed to be in only French speaking countries to help Stephen with his language issues.

Going to the West March-April, 2017 West 2017

After returning home from Guadaloupe for a few weeks, we visited family in Colorado, Utah and California.

January-March, 2017 Guadeloupe 2017

We stayed in three different places for a week each and then a month on Basse Terre. And finished up with a single night in Gosier to make our flying out easier.

Going to the West March-April, 2017 West 2017

After returning home from Guadaloupe for a few weeks, we visited family in Colorado, Utah and California.

Europe, Sept-Nov 2017 Visiting in Europe

We headed for Rome, Padua, Pesaro, Bologna, Parma and the Lake District in Italy, then Thich Nhat Hanh's Meditation Center (New Hamlet) at Plum Village near Bordeaux and finally Paris.

three different places for a week each and then a month on Basse Terre. We found beaches and quiet.

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